Nicoline Italia’s tanneries are highly qualified and certified, providing only “raw leather” (un-treated leather) original from Europe. It presents itself as a higher quality leather compared to the “raw leather” coming from the South America. Particularly, the exposure to the sun and climate factors negatively influence on the quality of South American raw leather.

The craftsmanship of leather is totally made in Italy and the tanneries are certified as “Leather from Italy Full Cycle”.

Leathers are tanned without the use of heavy metals compliant with the law ISO 15987 that establishes a 0,1 % of maximum quantity of chrome allowed during the process of tanning.


Protected leathers have a kind of superficial coat which contains pigments.
These lathers are recommended for a daily use of the sofa, thanks to their uniform and resistant aspect and easy maintenance.

Leather with a Mattled effect given by some dissimilarities of a natural grain in our widest range of colors.


A thicker and stronger bull leather with corrected grain which guarantees a certain consistency and homogeneity to the product.


Semi-aniline leathers have a full grain surface treated with a slight application of pigments. This step makes them more resistant to wear, more protected, elastic and at the same time it guarantees a natural aspect.

Donates a very cherished Vintage effect with a natural grain that could present slight chromatic differences as a peculiarity of a product in genuine leather.


These are the leathers that do not have any superficial treatment applied, nor pigments at all on the coat – they have been left almost natural. They present the typical characteristics of a natural leather, such as insect bites, neck wrinkles signs, scars.
Those signs must not be seen as defects but, on the contrary, as special distinctive marks that elevate the value and beauty of the leather itself.

Nubuk type of leather with Vintage effect and natural scratches of the animal’s coat considered as a peculiarity of a genuine leather product.


Selected, smooth and refined. The everlasting Nabuk donates to the product a delicate elegance and a precious class.


Thin and soft by touch, it distinguished itself by its outstanding Nubuk effect with “handmade” finished surface.