Beatriz Sempere




BEATRIZ SEMPERE was born in Alicante, Spain in 1975 and trained as an industrial designer in Valencia in 98´. She participates in numerous competitions receiving various awards and certificates of esteem. She attends the Footwear Patternmaker course at the Centro de Educación Tecnológica and at the same time designs for well-known companies. His real passion is the home and the study of its livability. Therefore, he devotes himself carefully to the search for forms that can complete the architecture of interior spaces of today and tomorrow

In 2000 he moved to Italy where he continues designing furniture elements in collaboration with several architectural firms, combining Spanish tradition with a taste for refined and harmonious design, but also linear and geometric. Clean. Very Italian. A romantic line and at the same time modern and rational.

Today he collaborates with well-known personalities and Friends of Design and with many international Companies, often following the artistic direction of the product.


For Beatriz, Design is expression, visual communication, an aesthetic language aimed at creating spaces in which the protagonist is man.

Thrilling is her ultimate goal and she does this by often creating objects that are seemingly different, but linked by essence and unified by careful and functional technology. Beatriz addresses a diverse audience while always maintaining a design austerity. Clear and SIMPLE. Finally, it is her personality and romantic character that gives Soul to her production, which is usually conveyed to them of the moments of her days.

Functionality and ergonomics are indispensable in each of my projects. Its combination will always allow an object to gain public appreciation over time.”

“Only when it comes of the Soul does it work… I consider that design is an Art.” Art is the Soul of the object with a strong personality. An object is Loved, cared for in the smallest detail.”

… This makes Beatriz a careful connoisseur of taste. Of the design of the 1970s she appreciates frivolity and nonconformity, but it is to the modern man that she addresses her sobriety, needs and contradictions. She creates a beautiful relationship between man and thing….

After working several years with studios for one-off or limited number furniture and objects, her first industrialized furniture product is the one that still continues to give her the most satisfaction and now counts with a collection of 13 pieces. “Apelle,” just won a 2nd prize, “Edward Haimsohn Design Award,” for best made in Italy, originality and quality, in San Diego, California.

But it was his FRISÈ armchair that was the first to cross the borders of Europe.

Another important product is the Collection “Guapa” with the birth of the studio “sempere#poli Design” or other very expressive ones such as Loopy, MOU, Santiago, Clip, EMME, OH!, PlisPlas…and how not to mention one of the latest projects called FOREST inspired in Nature, in his surroundings, inspired in the moments of his photographs, his walks, in his breath…He believes that to design you have to be at Peace with yourself.
80% of his designs come from his hands, from his thinking, from the model. After that, it goes to the technician and the biggest and most Beautiful time is spent in the workshop of the Company to check and follow every millimeter to get the maximum Ergonomics and Quality.

Beatriz manages to insert the same SHAPE (product) in Vintage, Minimal, Luxury settings…

“There is always a reason why a product is born, and it is definitely not inspired by copying another or simply because you follow a fashion”

“The feeling we can manage to express it with the line–a line that will be called SOUL afterwards. If this one doesn’t give a feeling to others I think it’s because it didn’t come from the heart, from an emotion, and if the taste accompanies it… it will surely remain over time.”

The first time she wanted to make her work public was at the 2010 Salone del Mobile, receiving an honorable mention for her EMME table, and in 2017 her ZigZag was selected as one of the best projects for the “20 YEARS SALONE SATELLITE/ Planets and Stars of New Creativity.” Interpreted by her as the “Life Line”