Each model is a story to tell, an experience to live.

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Inspired by the idea of small and large spaces of comfort: authentic refuges from the hustle and bustle of daily life, precious moments of total relaxation.

Each element is a true island to experience and share, each one telling a unique story, expressing its personality through distinctive shapes, exclusive finishes and unique details.

Boero, Cortina Plain, Cortina Tutfed, Wing

Sofas that embody the essence of comfort and distinctive style.

  • Boero, with balanced proportions and soft lines, offers an embrace of elegance and comfort.
  • Cortina, with strong contrasts and soft lines, allows unique customization through the combination of the Tufted line with the Plain solution.
  • Wing, a synthesis of softness and minimal design, transforms into an island of relaxation through the movement of the headrest and different configurations.

Dafne, Rubicon, Rubicon High

UPDATES 2023 beds embody the meeting of design elegance and comfort with multiple forms

  • Dafne, c with upholstered panels serving as headboard and boiserie, blends harmoniously into the space, becoming an integral part of the surrounding architecture.
  • Rubicon offers a fascinating contrast between the soft backrest and the linearity of the base. With a large volume and light legs, this cozy bed presents harmonious shapes and fits naturally into environments.
  • Featuring curved forms, the Rubicon High bed offers a high sense of softness and coziness. The wraparound back creates an elegant shell ready to welcome, adding a touch of sophistication and comfort to the room